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Our vision is to create an experience for our customer that is inspiring, fulfilling,  and altogether modern in its approach to customer service. Utilizing expediency, ease of use, selling both in stores and online, we aim to satisfy the needs of a new marketplace that is ever changing– maintaining a human touch in a high tech and socially distant world. We are committed to our customer—she is our mother, daughter, sister, friend, and her value is far above rubies.


I am inspired by my mother, Anna King Lund, one of the first African American women to build a career in financial services, in the early 1970’s.  A young widow with three small children, she was offered an opportunity by a good friend, and she seized her moment. She immersed herself in a brand new world and succeeded – providing for her family and receiving awards and recognition for her work. She wanted suitwear that made her feel like a woman, even in a man’s world. Her closet was full of Evan Picone, Saint Laurent, Halston, and Bill Blass. Wool tweed jackets, silk and satin blouses of every hue, combined with knee-length skirts, and round – toe pumps, she was a vision every time. A pair of eyelashes and a red lip, and she was ready to rule the world. She was a goddess. Thus, my love of suits was born.

I began REBECCA CREWS LLC because I needed a look for myself. I was celebrating my 30th anniversary, and was wanting to wear a white tux for a woman. I shuddered to think of stuffing myself into some tight, overly accentuated, or heavily beaded gown, that I would just be dying to shed, the moment I left the party! I scoured Los Angeles and even Beverly Hills, and had to piece together an outfit from three different designers (holding them closely to the light to make sure the whites were the same tone). I chose my shoes and accessories. I had my “white tux”  – but it was less than I had envisioned, and it would have to do.

That day I was resolute …. I needed to start making my own apparel. I commissioned my designer friend to create six suits to my specifications that could be worn formally or informally. My suits made appearances at the Golden Globes, the Night Before The Emmy’s Party, Gladys Knight’s 75th Birthday Celebration, and the People’s Choice Awards. Everywhere I went, I was asked by my various celebrity friends “WHERE did you get that SUIT?!” I coyly replied, “This is my collection.” And a dream was born.

I have expanded my collection to include handbags, shoes, and cosmetics.They are designed to outfit the woman who is strong, feminine, and powerful. Classic, yet on the cusp of modernism and flair. We utilized the most refined workmanship and expert tailoring to create a fabulously feminine fit– careful to present clothing that’s fashionable and functional.

“No woman can be well dressed unless she is comfortable in what she is wearing.”

-Bill Blass.


We exist to make luxurious quality clothing and accessories for the discriminating woman. To create products that are both beautiful and practical. Our collection includes: jackets and pants, blouses and blazers, travel bags, hand bags, shoes, and cosmetics–ultimately expanding in all these categories, as well as introducing outerwear, eyewear, denim, casual and workout wear. Importing only the finest fabrics and skins from Italy, Turkey, and some American-made brands, we strive to provide our customer with items that have the softest touch and feel to the skin–giving them an experience of exquisite quality that they will richly remember. Every detail is hand-picked to delght. We strive to create a distinct presentation, endeavoring to satisfy the most discriminating buyer.


The REBECCA CREWS woman is a leader. A wife, a mother, a student, an intern – one who imbues both sophistication and selflessness An entrepreneur ,or a corporate executive. The sales person or the socialite. She thinks for herself, but not only about herself. She gives to the world around her, and uses her prestige and power to better the lives of others.

She succeeds so she can serve.

She reaches out her hand to the poor.

She forgets not from whence she came.

She knows what she wants and works hard to achieve it.

She equally believes that everyone has the right to be remarkable, resplendent, and remembered.

Her legacy is her loyalty,  her commitment and her service. To her brand, to her customer, and to her community.

She leaves behind an epiphanous epilogue….one  that begins a new trail for others. Those shoes are big to fill, but she is not afraid to try. For she knows she has been graced  for such a time as this.